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List of Top 10 Internet of Things Devices?

top 10 iot devices

In my previous post I have discussed in detail about what are internet of things. If you have missed it then go here “what are internet of things. Now it’s the time to scroll the list of top 10 internet of things devices.

IoT Devices

Here we will focus much on the Internet of things devices or I will make it much easier for you to understand: smart devices or gadgets evolved with the help of several platforms/technologies working under one IoT ecosystem. Devices developed and working under IoT ecosystem are smart as they communicate to other devises, same as humans do.

Till yet humans were communicating with machines, but now onwards under IoT rule- machine will communicate with other machines independently. A glaring example of Internet of things devices is our ATM Machine.

Future of Internet of things Devices

People are saying that there will be 34 billion connected Internet of things devices by 2020. Till yet the entire story of IoT is revolving around phones, watches and tablets. But their share is only 10 billion. What about the remaining 24 billion? Which are the futures – hot internet of things devices that are going to tap this data?

You know it’s feasibly not possible for me to bring all those devices in this article – but here is a list of the best internet of things devices. These smartest internet of things devices are shaping the future path of “internet of things”.


Smart, wearable gadgets for the senior citizens from Lively is the latest buzz in the hot Internet of things devices arena. Lively is a sensor based system. As part of it, several
activity sensors are planted on the interent-of-things-devices-livelywatchimageobjects like car keys,refrigerator doors, pill box etc.
Those sensors intelligently monitor the routine activities of the person staying alone in the house. It keeps a watch on the eating, medication, sleep and other relevant habits of the person in picture and transfers such information to the relatives and doctors of the concerned person.

What it offers?

  • It has a 24/7 one push help- emergency response button.
  • Several other smart feature are also clubbed in it:
    • medication reminders
    • waterproof
    • cloud – based daily activity sharing system,
    • step counting
    • Sends automated emergency alerts to the family members.


There may be many intelligent internet of things devices but this one mind blowing iot device will steal you heart immediately. With this revolutionary IoT device, be ready to automate anything, from anywhereinternet-of-things-devices-microbot-push-robot-finger. It’s a wireless Robot Finger that has the ability to press or push any buttons on your behalf.

From morning till midnight how many times you have to on and off the switches of your home or office? May be 100 times! Now Robotic Finger will do it for you!

It can be configured with any other physical device and you can instruct it to press any button or switch sitting from a remote location! It’s a low –energy Bluetooth device made by a Korean Company.


If you can drop off immediately after stepping inside your bedroom! Isn’t it a wonderful idea? IoT has made it possible for you or for anyone who struggles hard with his sleep pattern.internet-of-things-devices-juvo-sleep-monitor

Slip it under your mattress and have a sound sleep for 8 hours every day! It can also interact with other smart devices of your home- such as Phillips Hue light bulbs, Nest thermostat or any other thing and creates a desired atmosphere for you to sleep!


As you might have imagined till yet, it’s a keyless Bluetooth enabled smart lock which takes care internet-of-things-devices-noke-bluetooth-keyless-padlockof your precious things like none other. You can manage it using iOS or Android App or windows.

Can be opened by tapping on your phone- It uses 2032 watch battery which last for a year. With Noke you can easily monitor where, by whom and when your locks were accessed! Not required to mention that it uses 128 bit encryption.

From long back, commercial establishments, warehouses, go-downs and shops were looking for such a beautiful things and now it’s has been made possible by the virtue of IoT.


In today’s world it is required more than anything else. Is there a way that you can make out whether the plants in your farm require water or other vital nutrients or not? Or you will keep on watering them on a random basis! But some plants need more water whereas others want less. So what you will do?

IoT has formulated another beautiful device to reduce water use- called as Agrihouse SG-1000 leaf Sensor. It can be pinned easily to any leaf. Sensors in it measure the thickness and rigidity of leaves with the help of electrical pulses. It provides real time data on the moisture content and other vital nutrients of the plant.

The entire concept behind it is to save water by less watering such plants which don’t require enough of it!


Smart-wearable watches are okay but what if someone wants to expose his wrist? For them definitely covering it with sensors and alarms is not a comfortable option.internet-of-things-devices-nuubo-necg-smart-shirt

No worries, for them an e-textile BlendFix Sensor Electrode technology has been designed by Spanish Company-Nuubo. It’s a sensor equipped shirt, which reads the movement and other vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature of the patient who is wearing it. It can also run ECG program-sends the data for analysis and running app will alert doctor or emergency services if required.


Expected to jump into the market in Oct 2016, Angee is being called as a very smart Home Security System- first of its kind. It uses voice recognition to clock your entry through the main door.angee-home-security-system

It is a 5.5 cylindrical smart gadget that allows the user to see his room on a Smartphone. It sends videos in 1080p, 30fps quality and audio and alerts messages when any intruder tries to enter your nest. It also offers 1GB free cloud storage.


If someone truly wants to conquer the future of IoT then you have to develop an app which arrests ageing. OKU doesn’t claim to have done it!

Still it has covered a long way by designing a deviceOku-myskin-coach-internet-of-things-devices which calculates the skin moisture, pigmentation, oiliness, texture, and elasticity.

It runs a quick cloud based analysis of the received data and shows your skin score!  It also offers you lifestyle suggestions and further dietary plans.


Thanks to IoT and cloud computing– finally there’s something here to prevent concussion accidents. Shockbox is a small, smart sensor that can be fitted in the helmet worn bShockbox-helmet-sensory athletes.

It maintains a history of head impacts sustained by the sportsperson wearing it.

Sensors placed in it pass a message to the parents, coaches and trainers of the athlete in case of trauma level impact. No prizes for guessing that it uses blue tooth technology.

It is highly recommended for sports like football, ice hockey, horse riding, lacrosse, ski and cycling.


Any idea which is induced with the concept of monitoring any circumstances from a distant location can become a huge hit with the IoT. That’s the reason why this “cool baby device” is leaving others behind!internet-of-things-devices-Mimo-baby-monitor

The Mimo Baby Monitor is a kind of body suit which tracks the temperature, motion breathing and other crucial patterns of the child. With the help of Bluetooth technology, sensors placed in it send the captured data to a base station. Afterwards data goes to the web for analysis. Parents get data through an app and details regarding breathing, sleeping temperature, activity level, alerts as well as reports of the entire night.

Please share with me whether this post on internet of things devices was worth spending your time not? If you liked it, then go below in the comments section and share your views. If you are interested to know about how internet of things can change your business then try to catch me in my upcoming post How can internet of things help businesses?

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