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Artificial Intelligence-What it is & Recent Advances In AI?


Share This: Artificial Intelligence- widely googled technological evolution of the decade, has grabbed everyone’s attention in some recent years due to the mass disruptions that it is going to bring in the life of humans in future. There’s a popular saying circulating on the web, if you want to see future of computers, see through the eyes of artificial intelligence. Somewhere, here or there, all of you might have heard or say that your curious eyes might have flirted with this two lettered word AI! There has been a significant rise in adoption and investment from Enterprises in the field of Artificial Intelligence. As per Narrative Science Survey, 38% of the enterprises are already using artificial intelligence. And this figure is going to jump  62% by 2018! But very few of us exactly know what is Artificial Intelligence and what we can do with it. My dear readers, it is…

Internet of things

Top15 Emerging Technologies in Computer Science You Must Know(A Complete LIST)

Imagining the unhappening is not an easy task. And if the thing in picture is technology then the predicting the future becomes even more trickier and mind boggling. Even IT Companies appears to be in black hole. Some of them even don’t have any clue about the top emerging technologies that are changing the world.   Things become even more harder and challenging due to multiple innovations and changes happening in the field of technology everyday. But task is a task. And we have to do it, however terrifying it may be! Lot of queries were pouring to me, to name some of the most hottest emerging technologies in the field of Computer Science. You all know, that landing true to be the beliefs and requests of my readers, has always been my priority. So, I borrowed some time from my hectic life schedules, and scanned various, journals, magazines, newspapers,…

Internet of things

Ransomware Attacks: Worst Cyberattack that bleeded 170 countries of the world!


Ransomware Attacks: Worst Cyberattack that locked 200, 000 computers across 170 countries of the world! Friday, 12th May, 2017 will be tagged as the most gloomy day in the history of all cyberattacks of the world. Somewhere around 200,000 systems were forced to bleed with their crucial data and important files which they could not open despite towering attempts. Sectors and Institutions that bleeded most were banks, hospitals, and government across the world. I can’t even depict the pain and frustration through which the technical staff of these leading institutions underwent. They were literally standing on their toes patching the computers and restoring the inflicted ones. Investigators are trying their best to nab the crooked minds behind this gruesome cyber attack. Cyber experts are warning that the attack is not going to stop here. It may escalate further. Even if we get some temporary relief, worms are expected to wreak…

Internet of things

Top 10 Biggest IoT Challenges Giving Nightmares

top 10 iot challenges

We have discussed a lot on the future of IoT. Now it’s the time to talk about it’s challenges. So, I configured this post on IoT Challenges for you. People are buzzing that Internet of things, can do this miracle, can do that miracle, plus many other mesmerizing tasks from that blah, blah, blah category! I am not trying to deny the inevitable. There’s no second thought that IoT is the next revolution. It’s an amazing concept of technology. Any technological concept which gets evolved with the time enters the user’s domain to solve some challenges.Otherwise it is of no use. Same is true about IoT. Never before in the history of technology such a profound concept like IoT has entered human lives. But it’s still a vision. And to turn this wonderful vision into beautiful reality, is not an easy task. If not tackled intelligently it will bring the…

Internet of things

Top 15 Leading Virtual Reality Companies Writing the Future of VR (A Complete LIST)

top 15 leading Virtual Reality Companies

By 2022 market projections for Virtual Reality stands somewhere $34 Billion. Whereas in 2016 it was only 3.7 billion. That’s a very sharp increase! People are saying Virtual Reality is going to change the world completely. Growth in VR is happening exponentially. And it’s due to the tremendous effort being put by Virtual Reality Companies. The investor’s appetite for VR Firms in 2016 was very huge. Virtual Reality is not just about gaming. It’s an innovative technology that is going to create a mass disruption in the coming future! It is going to change our collective futures unimaginably. With some of the recent developments in the VR Technology, I am damn confident to write that VR is going to be the NEXT COMPUTING PLATFORM OF THE FUTURE! Before we proceed, can I ask you something? Are you new to the face of virtual reality? If YES, then read these first. Even…

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What is Virtual Reality & How does it Work? ( A Complete Tutorial For Beginners)

what is virtual reality & how does it work

Technology evangelists are preaching that Virtual Reality will finally come out of its childhood in 2017. How much familiar you are with the word ‘Virtual Reality’? Or VR, whatever you may like to call? How often do you come across this word? May be several times a day chatting with your friends or browsing on the web. Have you ever imagined why all of a sudden the word Virtual Reality has gained so much significance? Virtual Reality is more like a storm rather than a new facet of technology. It’s a destination of technology! In his facebook post on 25th Mar 2014 Mark Zuckerberg wrote, ” Virtual Reality was once the dream of science fiction. But then Internet was also a dream, and so were computers and Smart phones. The Future is Coming!” He immersed into VR better than anyone! Here once more, I would like to intrude one famous…

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Monetizing Internet of Things:Top 5 IoT Revenue Models

monetizing internet of things

Experts are predicting that by 2020, more than 50 billion connected devices will be dating each other. By the end of 2017, more than 90 million people will be resting inside their smart homes. A whole revolution is going to happen in the businesses, in the the society, in the daily life of you and me. By 2020 IoT solutions can generate $7.1 trillion. People are saying that the so, so sweet chemistry of devices with each other will definitely lead us to somewhere more exciting! From long back lot of my readers were asking about monetizing internet of things. So I thought why not better come out with a post on ways of monetizing internet of things.  As per W. Roy Schulte-Vice President of Gartner “ Uses of IoT that were previously impractical will increasingly become practical.” As per a press release issued by Gartner 2 days ago, by…

Internet of things

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality: Top 5 Predictions 2017

Last 2-3 years have been years of great uprising for Virtual Reality. Same is true about Augmented Reality too. Big announcements were made, lot of mergers happened, plenty of acquisitions were solemnized. The acquisition of Oculus by Facebook acted like a game changer for the virtual reality. It transformed the Virtual Reality for ever. With Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Sony’s PlayStation VR already floating in the market, action is in full swing! Stage is all set to take the Virtual Reality Technology up-to the next BIG LEVEL. Indisputably the next big computing platform will be Augmented/Virtual reality. People are discussing that future is soon going to be screen less. But how? With the help of AR and VR, you can create virtual screen anywhere (On wall, on table or even in the air) for computing, you can finish your tasks on those virtual screens. Once your tasks get over,…

Internet of things

What is Project Tango Google?Know the Realities & Hypes Surrounding it!

project tango Google

Readers, You all are Welcome back to my blog! First of all I want to say SORRY for coming so late with this Post. Abruptly I got busy with some other tasks.  Anyway, finally we are here to discuss something about Project Tango Google. Google and high end technologies have almost become synonymous. From self driving cars to helium- filled balloons; it’s the Google which comes out with all the adventures. Latest feather in its caps is Tango. The conception of it happened years ago. Finally it is out of the womb after years of nurturing. Tango is a very highly advertised project by Google. LENOVO PHAB2 PRO World’s first Tango enabled Smartphone, has finally hit the market. The curiosity for it, is at its epitome nowadays. Everyday new- new stories are being brewed up. Lot of hype has been built around it. Lot of promises has been made around it!…

Internet of things

Top IoT Investors Shaping the Future of Internet of Things

top Iot investors

IoT has become more like a reality. It is continuously speeding. So is the number of IoT investors and IoT Venture Funding. IoT has gained a mammoth size- something which we never saw before! It has become the largest device market in the world. IoT Investing data is changing every quarter surprisingly! Huge wave has been generated around it. Winds of interest in IoT are blowing from all circles. Much in line, internet of things investment opportunities is also brimming with possibilities everywhere. IoT is drawing huge attention from the Venture Capitalists & internet of things investors- both traditional and emerging. Huge investments by internet of things venture capital in IoT based Startups has turned the game even more interesting. Seeing the kind of euphoria that has been build up around it, a huge number of corporate high profile investors are standing in line with their fingers up, to bet…

Internet of things

Top 10 IoT Programming Languages for Internet of Things Projects

top 10 IoT Programming Languages

Readers, Welcome back to My Blog! Hope till yet you might have befriended the term-“Internet of Things”- if you are a regular visitor to my blog then absolutely YES! If you are new then well nothing to worry! I will help you out with it. I have written a lot about IoT in my previous posts. Now it’s the time to know Top 10 IoT programming languages and their uses. Before moving ahead with this post on most popular internet of things programming languages, let me replay those previous posts-depicting ‘What is Internet of Things?’ – For my new readers; Go through: Top 15 Most Popular IoT Platforms Internet of things: Exactly what it is? Why IoT Programming Languages have become so much important now? Technology linked humans with machines and humans with humans. Now it is turning towards machines. Seeing the pace at which it’s moving, it’s going to…

Internet of things

Top 10 IoT Startups in India 2016 (IoT Companies LIST)!

list of iot companies in india

Dear Readers, Welcome to my blog! If you are looking for any of these-IoT Startups,  IoT Companies in India, Iot Startup companies, IoT companies to invest in, IoT Platform Startups, then you have landed on the right page. Few weeks back, I published a post on Top IoT Companies 2016. If you have missed it then; Read: Top 21 Most Powerful Internet of things Companies 2016 Soon after that requests came pouring to me to come out with a post on India IoT Startups. And it’s something next to impossible for me to ignore my reader’s request. So this ever exploring friend of yours went on a crucial task to dig out all relevant information, related to Top IoT Startups in India. LIST OF TOP 10 IOT COMPANIES TO WATCH OUT IN INDIA The main focus of this article is to acquaint you with the faces of Top IoT Companies…