Internet of things

Internet of things: Exactly what it is?

internet of things


So what’s the latest in technology which is creating waves in the minds of tech honchos across the world?  Internet will go in oblivion! Your cord clicked the correct button. Soon it is going to be replaced with internet of things (IOT). It will change the scenario exactly in the same way as internet embedded the world 2 decades back.

You can easily come across powerful quotes on IOT from the cleverest brain on this earth. But there are very few who can really present it the way, common man wants to understand. After researching on IOT for weeks and weeks, I encountered a challenge, to make it much simpler, viable and more understandable for you.

How Big is IoT?

Internet of things is a huge topic in itself. It’s bigger than bigger! People are buzzing that it’s the next big revolution. But the irony is that we are still not able to gauge the extent of it! So it’s not the error of imagination but observation. First we will start with:

What are internet of things?

Wikipedia defines it as “the network of physical devises, vehicles, buildings and other items – embedded with software, sensors, electronics, actuators and network connectivity that enable these objects to connect and exchange data.” The potential of it is unlimited. Great minds and thought leaders of the world are continuously discussing on the future of it.

  • Famous Quotes on Internet of things:
  • “The IoT is big news because it ups the ante: ‘Reach out and touch somebody’ is becoming ‘reach out and touch everything’.” — Parker Trewin, Senior Director of Content and Communications, Aria Systems.
  • “If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The IoT is about to change it all over again!” — Brendan O’Brien, Chief Architect & Co-Founder, Aria Systems
  • “The internet of things is not a concept, it’s a network, the true technology enabled network of all networks”. – Edewede Oriwoh


What Internet of things can do for you?

It’s better to ask what Iot can’t do for you. If I say that the Internet of things is going to test the limit of your imagination, then I won’t be wrong!

  • Imagine you are sick, your heart beat increases beyond limit, you smart phone will automatically call your family doctor!
  • You came from office tired, it’s your birthday, your dear ones forget to wish you, you opened the main door, it welcomes you with warm birthday wishes, your favorite perfume will spray around and your Smart TV will automatically start playing your selected melodies!
  • Assume you are farmer- your smart plant watering system will automatically sprinkle water droplets in your fields based on the temperature, climatic conditions, season and other connected factors. It will also spray pesticides as and when required.
  • Imagine you are on your way to important business meeting-your IoT enabled car will access the calendar, interact to your smart phone, pass a message and guide you through the shortest route!
  • In fact you will be quite amazed to know that Internet of things is being used to administer deforestation in the Amazon jungle by a Brazilian location-services company. M2M sensors are embedded in trees in prohibited areas. If someone tries to cut the tree, law enforcement agencies get an automated message through its GPS Location and the person in picture is nabbed!
  • Internet of things can dramatically revolutionize the bridges of the future- stresses, cracks inside the future bridges can be better managed with the smart cement-equipped with sensors! It will pass a danger alert to fix the problems and hence avoid a big debacle!
  • Going further, imagine if there’s a huge piece of ice on the bridge ahead- the placed sensors in the concrete will communicate to your smart car through wireless internet technology and tell your driver to slow the speed!

What things can occupy the place of “Thing” in the Internet of things?

So who qualifies to be called as “Thing” in the Internet of Things? It can be an automobile with in-built sensors, your pet dog with biochip transponder, a patient implanted with heart monitoring system, a fitness tracker placed inside your wrist which communicates directly to your dear ones about your exercise!

From smart tennis racket, internet enabled frying pan, smart yoga mat, smart cement or any other natural or human made things to which an IP address can be allotted and has a capacity to remit data over the network without requiring any intervention from human or computer.

Future business value of IoT:

Those who think that internet of things is just an idea, a new concept without real adherence: they are grossly wrong. IoT has a sound backing of the most influential powers. Investments in IoT startups have gone to more than 100% in some recent years. By 2020, Internet of things will nab 20- 30 million devises in its network.

  • The top notch IT companies of the world who financially betting heavily on IoT:
  • IBM – it’s going to invest $3 billion in the next 4 years in its ioT division. More than 1400 employees of IBM are working on IoT
  • Google- already announced Brillo- the new OS for Internet of Things. Coming with Weave-common language across platform that will enable intercommunication between Brillo devices-smart phones and internet.
  • Microsoft- has already ventured with Toshiba for upcoming IoT Moreover windows10 is going to be ready for IoT. It will be accessed as developer tool in the same way as Raspberry Pi2.
  • Cisco- it has just made a buyout of $635 billion of OpenDNS- a cloud security company to fulfill it IoT
  • Intel- a major part of its revenues is coming from IoT It is going to buy out Altera in $16.7 billion.

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Does this post broaden your knowledge bank on IoT or not? Come and share your views with me. In my next post I will be coming with what are Internet of things devices? Don’t forget to follow it.


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