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Top15 Emerging Technologies in Computer Science You Must Know(A Complete LIST)

Imagining the unhappening is not an easy task. And if the thing in picture is technology then the predicting the future becomes even more trickier and mind boggling. Even IT Companies appears to be in black hole. Some of them even don’t have any clue about the top emerging technologies that are changing the world.  

Things become even more harder and challenging due to multiple innovations and changes happening in the field of technology everyday. But task is a task. And we have to do it, however terrifying it may be! Lot of queries were pouring to me, to name some of the most hottest emerging technologies in the field of Computer Science.

You all know, that landing true to be the beliefs and requests of my readers, has always been my priority. So, I borrowed some time from my hectic life schedules, and scanned various, journals, magazines, newspapers, research reports from Gartner, plus a plethora of credible blog post on the future trends in technology. Out of the all, reports by Forrester and World Economic Forum proved extremely helpful in penning down this post on emerging IT Technologies 2017.

And yes, not to forget about public forums, which lets me enter inside the minds of my readers. It is very important for me to know, which query is stealing the peace of my readers.

If you want to start the things from the beginning then;


Leading Virtual Reality Companies 

Biggest IoT Platforms

List of Top 15 New Emerging Technologies to Watch -2017 to 2021

The countdown for the technologies that will change the world in the next 10 years by 360 degree starts from here:

1) Emerging Technologies: NanoSensors and the Internet of NanoThings

With the number of Internet of things devices going to shoot up till 50 Billion till 2020, forum is forced to give the top slot to IoT.   IoT is going to execute lot of interesting and weird things in the  coming future. As per the World Economic Forum, IoT is going to be one of the most interesting technology to watch from 2017-2022.

In the coming future, it is not going to spare a single area. The world will move on sensors. Sensors will take their position everywhere. Big Architectural buildings, human body, plants, street lights, electric poles, four walls of your living room, fire extinguisher, office space, agricultural,  lands, Amazon jungles, overfly bridges-every object under the sky will come under the reign of sensors and Internet of things.  

2) Emerging Technologies: Augmented Reality- Breaking the Realms of Reality!

Often called as the technology of the future, Augmented Reality is one such form of technology upon which top notch brands and companies of the world are dreaming big. This revolutionary technology is steering the way people view and observe their surroundings in an entirely different way. It is also very helpful to companies in developing future business models .

It is the strongest one out of the entire emerging technologies. It creates magic with the seamless integration of digital data paired up with live videos and user’s surroundings in real time.

The biggest advantage of virtual reality is that with the help of it, you can store any image, video or a film into any common devices like computer, phone, camera and blend any new information into it. It will display you the virtual result in real time and give you extraordinary experience!. It acts like a bridge between digital and real world. Some of its great application areas are e-commerce and m-commerce, digital marketing, geolocation, education, industries, military and in medical field too.

3) Emerging Technologies: Virtual Reality-Will fundamentally change the way we do things

Any new technology has to face the grudge of its current generation. In the beginning, people look at it with lot of scepticism till the time it reaches a point,  when it becomes profound and integral part of our life. If you will have a look in the past then you will see that after a gap of every 10-15 years, some new technology emerges and it changes the way we execute our day to day tasks completely. Of late that change was smartphone. Now it’s the time of VR and AR to take the command of change. It possesses massive opportunity for companies as well as for end consumers.

2016 was the year, when Virtual and Augmented Reality got a major push. But 2017 will be the year when Virtual Reality will really exhibit its true power. People are saying that it’s not just a new face of technology rather, a final destination of technology! Now, let us see, how much of it is hype and how much is reality. It’s true that the devices, hardware and apps required to access it, is still very costly and not readily available. For example Oculus Rift requires very costly graphics card like – Nvidia Geforce 970 or AMD 290 or even better than that. But I am damn confident that the day will come very soon, when virtual reality will become as simple and promptly accessible as smartphone and internet.  

4) Emerging Technologies: Blockchain Technology- Writing the Digital History of Transactions

Termed as the most revolutionary one, in the entire history of financial technology, blockchain technology facilitates digital transactions to be distributed and not copied. It acts like a distributed and shared database. Don and Alex Tapscott, author of BlockChain Revolution has defined it in the best way.

”The Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions, but virtually everything of value.”

It’s a kind of public ledger which records all transaction carried on till yet and lists them in chronological order. As per As per PricewaterhouseCoopers experts, somewhere 1.4 billions money was invested in Blockchain Companies in 2016. It has all the potential to fundamentally change the way transactions are recorded and maintained till yet. It will have massive impact on the functioning of banks, markets and government.

5) Emerging Technologies: Wearable Web-Soon Going to topple the need to use smartphones or even computers!

Smart Wearables is the latest hottest phrase, which has taken the world by storm. If you are new to wearable technologies, then soon start getting acquainted with it, as it is the biggest new innovation in technology after the rise of Smartphones. While the superficial meaning of wearables defines it as the gadgets that humans wear on their body, but it is something more than this.

The web of wearables will take the humans to an exciting world! They are laced with smart sensors, have access to web connection via Bluetooth technology and are linked to your smartphones wirelessly.  And their biggest contribution is to help humans stay fit, more organised and active. Wearables are extremely helpful in weighing us. They can easily track your heartbeat , perspiration, amount of excess fat in your body, body temperature, muscle activity and many more things. Some of the most popular wearables are smart watches, rings, pendants, fitness trackers, sports watches, head mounted displays, smart clothing, smart jewelry, implantables etc.

With more devices to enter the wearable network in the coming future, developers will need a common platform to develop apps for those devices. Let’s take an example of Google Android Wear- it’s an android platform from Google-primarily designed with a view to help developers to build apps that can work on n of wearables devices. In the future, Android wear will act as central pillar of development in wearable technology. No doubt the future of wearables is very promising but the only weakness is the exact interpretation of results that it renders. To take the exact readings from such results we need to have experts, from the field of medical, sports, photography, additional professional opinions plus high level software and algorithms to take some vital clues from such data.

6) Emerging Technologies: New Battery Technology-  Freedom from dependency on Lithium!

Technology has covered a mammoth distance in the last decade. We saw unprecedented rise in the technology of smartphones, smart wearables, smart homes, smart cars. But finally at the end of the day all these things need power to function. Power limitation is a matter of serious concern, which is further arresting the growth, expansion and wider acceptability of these devices. But exciting thing is that we are almost standing at the threshold of a huge POWER REVOLUTION. Nowadays companies are investing huge amount of money in battery development. It has already started fetching results. Here, I will like to point some of the latest discoveries in Battery technology;

  • Lithium – Air-Breathing Batteries- Uses Oxygen to burn instead of Materials- Very cheap in cost and light in weight. Plus it last five times more than the existing batteries used in cars and smartphones. Expected to enter market not before a time span of 5-10 years.
  • Green Energy-Bioo Plant ChargerBasically a plant pot that uses the process of Photosynthesis in the plants to charge your device. Is available and you can buy right now.
  • Magnesium Batteries-Expected to reduce dependency on Lithium- Scientist have come out with a unique way to harness magnesium for use in batteries. Development is still in the initial stage but if it becomes successful, will be much, much cheaper and easier to fit into smaller devices as it doesn’t requires shielding.
  • Graphene Batteries are the futureCan be charged in just some few minutes!
  • Sodium- Ion BatteriesUses salt and it can be used in laptops and electric cars.
  • Prieto Foam BatteriesIt uses copper foam substrate, hugely safe as it doesn’t use flammable electrolyte, cheaper and much smaller to fit into any smart wearable devices.
  • Solid State BatteriesDiscovered by Scientists at MIT is much, much better than their current lithium counterparts. Expected to be safer, and last longer. Can be ideal for electric cars as it is not flammable.
  • Aluminium graphite BatteriesDeveloped by Scientist at Stanford University, it can charge smartphones in just a minute! Only issue is that it can’t hold that much power at a time as lithium ones.
  • Alpha Batteries- Developed by Fuji Pigment, this battery can be charged simply by pouring some water over it. Can last unimaginably till 14 days.
  • Flexible BatteriesHave you listened power clothing till yet? In a true sense flexible batteries are defining its meaning! Considered ideal to weave power into any smart clothing.  
  • Electricity from Human skins To your much amusement and fun, Scientists have designed a device that can generate electricity from human skin with the power of friction.Means, just a tap on your skin is enough to lighten 12-15 LED bulbs!  
  • Lumopack BatteriesIt’s a portable battery designed by Lyte Systems, more than enough to charge an iPhone6 in just 6 minutes charging.
  • Foldable Batteries for bendable gadgetsBiggest advantage of this battery is that it can be folded like a paper. It’s appears like a boon for foldable devices supposed to hit the markets in the near future.
  • Transparent Solar Panel Can you imagine that your smartphone can be charged just by placing it in the sunshine? Alcatel has made it possible. With just a transparent solar panel over the screen of your phone, it can happen.
  • Ryden Dual Carbon BatteryDesigned by Power Japan Plus, it uses carbon materials which are more sustainable and environment friendly. It can charge 30 times faster than its lithium counterpart. Main advantage is that, there are very few chances in it  to catch fire or get exploded.
  • Nano BatteriesCan you guess what can be size of Nano batteries? Any wild guess? Very difficult to put its size. The nearest comparison what we can make is with human hairs. It is somewhere 80,000 smaller than hairs in human scull! Interesting fact is that it takes only 12 minutes to get charged fully.
7) Emerging Technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Technologies and Intelligents Agents can either make or break our dreams!

Artificial Intelligence is not something new! It has been there for years. But the way it is changing the lives of humans, right now is something which is brainstorming. The way it is fighting, overcoming its hurdles and outplaying its human counterparts is something which never happened before! Cognitive technology is a by-product of Artificial Intelligence. Extraordinary thing about AI and cognitive technologies is that  they are performing such tasks which only humans used to do before. Robotics, speech recognition, computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing are some of the most obvious examples of Cognitive technologies.

People are saying AI will soon turns us into superhumans, can solve all our problems-even climate change issues, it can predict the future accurately.

As per cbinsights, in 2016 somewhere 550 startups grabbed $5 billion funding whose products were revolving around artificial intelligence. Around 658 deals were fixed. Media Coverage on AI is at an all time high. AI intelligence and cognitive technologies are handing over the intellectual thought process of humans to machines. No doubt, this is highly enthusiastic and can help companies to maximise their business process.

You might have heard about self-driving cars. Even before it becomes  a reality, companies like General Motors is planning to empower some of its vehicles with computer vision, which can take care of the things if the driver in charge of the vehicle is getting distracted or when he is not properly looking at the things coming on the roads! Computer Vision can do lot of things-can analyze medical images, can diagnose and treat diseases.  

But the negative outcomes of AI is also very huge and terrifying! People are saying,  it is going to bring massive unemployment, can very soon become smarter than us and has all the potential to wreak havoc on human civilization! Prof Stephen Hawking has something to say very dangerous about Rise of Artificial Intelligence;

“The development of full Artificial Intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”


8) Emerging Technologies: Hybrid Wireless Technology- One of the fastest growing technology in Wireless Industry

Hybrid Wireless Network can be defined as a type of Network, which has the capacity to interconnect MANETs with fixed Networks. It’s a fusion of mobile adhoc network and infrastructured network.

In some recent years, Hybrid Wireless Technology has emerged as a promising alternative which has all the capabilities to defuse the resource constraints in wireless technology. It can facilitate mobile clients to effectuate greater performance, and handle requests in a flawless manner independently.  

The demand for Hybrid Wireless technology is constantly on the rise. With sensor and vehicle networks out in  the market, the demand for Hybrid Wireless Technology is expected to surge a lot. But in the future it may require some new networking models which can facilitate opportunistic support and compliance. Then in a true sense, it can take the future of Information Technology to the desired perfect level.

9) Emerging Technologies- From Invisible shoes to Superman’s Stronger than steel outfit-Anything is possible with 3DPrinting!

3DPrinting is a latest boon of technology through which you can make any three-dimensional object using a digital file on your computer with  the help of a special center. You can make any object with 3DPrinting, if you have a pre-design of the object in digital form. Material used in printing can be anything-plastic, metals, fabric,even human cells.

People are saying that till 2020, we will have 3DPrinted Houses and internal organs. Till yet 3DPrinting has been used to create car part, smartphone cases, medical equipments, artificial organs like kidney. Can you imagine about self repairing pipes, bullet-proof T-Shirts, intricate structures made from entirely food products like mashed potatoes or chocolates?

Surgeons in Mumbai- India are already practicing on 3DPrinted Models of human organs like kidney before actually going for live surgery in operation theaters. Moreover, doctors are using 3DPrinting to carry on knee replacement medical tasks,  individually customized for each patient.

The beauty of 3DPrinting lies in its capacity to customize the raw materials to be used in production. In fact researchers are experimenting 3DPrinting on Graphene- a substance which is extremely flexible and transparent. At the same time, it is stronger a lot, even several times stronger than metal steel. So bullet-proof jackets and T-Shirts are soon going to become a reality!

10) Emerging Technologies: Autonomous Navigation Technology-Drones and Driverless Vehicles will take the hands of off steering wheels!

There have an unprecedented kind of interest in autonomous technology in the last couple of years. Sooner than expected, it is going to transform the way humans and goods move from one place to another. Not only on land. Autonomous Navigation Technology is going to cover water and air routes too. But it’s the automation of land which is more in picture. Companies like Google, Toyota, BMW, Daimler are investing Billions of Dollars on autonomous navigation to give us freedom from the steering wheels!

More than self- driving cars, next thing which has caught people’s attention is none other than Drones! It is has generated a huge hype in the market.  And tech pundits are saying that it’s the drone which will lead the future of autonomous navigation and not driverless cars. Reasons are very obvious;

  • First of all unless all the vehicles running on the road goes driverless- which appears a remote possibility, autonomous driving will always be an utopian concept. Driverless vehicles will have to share the road with manned-vehicles. But this doesn’t apply in the case of drones. They can run on low altitude aerospace which is entirely fresh and untouched. Further, in the future data-driven, thoroughly connected, digital networks can be developed for autonomous navigation in the aerospace which is not possible for land routes as it is already occupied with other constraints.
  • Vehicles running on the road follow only two directions whereas drones flying in the sky has 3 dimensional option. That’s why it has more flexibility.   
11) Emerging Technologies: Holographic Technology- Holds the capacity to bring Dead Celebrities back in our lives!

Out of the entire Emerging Technologies, Holographic Technology is the most interesting and unique one which needs to followed extensively. Future is about holographic computing. Microsoft has sensed it better than others. It has seen the future. It has already introduced Windows Holographic and Hololens- a new holographic wearable computer. As per one Nasa Scientist who was in the project of Hololens  with Microsoft, Holographic Technology can facilitate geologist to virtually travel any  planet.

It is also being labelled as the future of Smartphones. In Holo phones, callers will pop out from  your phone screen! Holographic Technology has a great potential to completely revolutionize telecommunication and gaming industry. Apart from these two, medical field is the place, where Holographic technology can leave big impact. In diagnostics and surgery, it can be extremely helpful and rewarding.  

Holographic objects floating in the sky is something which researchers have already attained. In the coming future you can touch and interact with such holograms. This technology is going to be a real game changer!

12) Emerging Technologies: Graphene Bionic Devices- From Rendering sight to the blind to designing taste stamping tongue – Everything is Possible

Have you heard about Bionic Human? Bionic Human is Robotic Human, structured thoroughly with prosthetic parts. Bionic man is exactly like natural humans. He can walk, he can talk and and breathe exactly like you? Do you know how much it can cost to create a bionic human. $ 6 Million for one robotic human? Technology has raised its level to such an extent that it can reinvent the anatomy of humans. So in some coming years, you can expect anything, symbionic leg, artificial blood cells, bionic arm, prosthetic limb, artificial kidney, lab printed bones! All these things are in clinical trials now, but you can expect them to enter our life very soon. With the advent of high level technology, just anything is possible! In strong camaraderie with bionic technology, we have almost reached to such an extent, where we can replicate or restore human organs, or any small, small body parts of human beings.

Some of the companies who are labelled as most innovative ones in Robotics and bionic devices technology;

13) Emerging Technologies: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology-Can turn out to be Perfect Solution for Energy Crisis

Before you ask me what is Hydrogen fuel and how it can be used, I will like to share with you that fuel cell is  kind of device used to create electricity through a chemical reaction. We all know that Hydrogen is an important part of most of our fuels- such as natural gas, gasoline, propane and methanol. Hydrogen is very rich source of energy. And the biggest plus point of it is that it causes literally no pollution. You will be surprised to know that NASA has been continuously using liquid Hydrogen to spur space shuttles and rockets into the sky.

Another big advantage of Hydrogen fuel cells is that it produces clean drinking water as a byproduct which is amazing! A fuel cell synthesizes Hydrogen and Oxygen to generate, heat, water and electricity. Fuel cells are almost identical with batteries- they both change the raw energy generated through chemical reaction into harmonious electrical energy- which can be finally used by humans to execute various tasks.

It’s an extremely promising form of technology which can easily used to generate heat and electricity for use by humans. It can be extremely helpful in changing the shaky health of world economy. It can solve energy crisis upto a great extent.

14) Emerging Technologies: High Technology Fabrics- to keep you away from dust, stains and bad smells, explosion

People are predicting that the future of smart wearables lies more in smart fabrics rather than smart wristbands, smartwatches and smartglasses.  So what does it mean? The honeymoon between fashion and technology is over? Simple answer is absolutely no. As the technology is penetrating deep into areas such as material science and nanotechnology, opportunity lies in performance fabrics. Even as per Gartner, although bands and watches constitute major portion of the wearable technology, the fastest growing category is smart fabrics.

Hi tech fabrics, own a wide variety of useful properties. Example;

  • Explosion containing capabilities
  • Bacteria impeding properties
  • Keeps people cool and fresh even during high summer
  • Keeps clothes free from dirt,stain, and bad smells
  • Great stress and load bearing capacity

They can be used for a wide variety of tasks in active wear, military, urban wear, medical wear, during extreme weather conditions, mountain activities, work wear and for many other purposes in human life.

15) Emerging Technologies: Cloud Integration Tools- Fastest growing area of Enterprise Software

Nowadays, Cloud Integration Technology is being viewed as one of the fastest evolving field of enterprise software. In some recent years cloud integration has become the favourite of all. Right from Organisations till Government agencies, everyone is running behind it to adopt it as fast as they can. Cloud Integration tools can be defined as software distribution model into which one or more than one applications can be hosted by any solutions service provider and such apps can be provided to the end users on the web. Some of the most prominent advantages of Cloud Integration are as follow;

  • Users can access their data from any part of the world provided they have internet connectivity
  • They  can access their data live from any device in real time
  • The beauty of cloud integration is that the system itself passes control messages to other applications programs in a quite efficient manner.
  • Maintains data integrity on its own
  • Provides scalability for further expansion speaking from the perspective of both- users and application that are hosted


My Readers, these were the top 15 Emerging Technologies that are going to change the world in some coming years by 380 degrees. It can be possible that I might have missed some of them. But you can make some valuable additions in this LIST OF EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES. Just scroll down and start adding them one by one in the comments portion.

As I have always said that this blog has no individual agenda, except to enrich the information of my readers, who are interested to dig facts deeper in the field of technology. I know that the topics on which I write are already available on the google. So what is the purpose of running this blog?

As a reader and as a wild browser, I have personally found that most of the contents on technology on the web are severely disintegrated, unorganized and boring. Through this blog I try my best to keep the things in the most presentable and accurate manner, make it more interesting, engaging and to list the information in the most simple and readable manner. I see my Readers as an equal partner in running this platform. I have confidence that if you all are with me, then one day, certainly I will take this to the highest possible level! Share it, if you find this worth sharing.


Thanks for being with me in my digital journey!

Stay blessed!


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