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Artificial Intelligence-What it is & Recent Advances In AI?


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Artificial Intelligence- widely googled technological evolution of the decade, has grabbed everyone’s attention in some recent years due to the mass disruptions that it is going to bring in the life of humans in future. There’s a popular saying circulating on the web, if you want to see future of computers, see through the eyes of artificial intelligence. Somewhere, here or there, all of you might have heard or say that your curious eyes might have flirted with this two lettered word AI!

There has been a significant rise in adoption and investment from Enterprises in the field of Artificial Intelligence. As per Narrative Science Survey, 38% of the enterprises are already using artificial intelligence. And this figure is going to jump  62% by 2018!

But very few of us exactly know what is Artificial Intelligence and what we can do with it. My dear readers, it is true that after a huge gap of several months, finally I am here, in front of you all. I know, most of you, may be annoyed with me over why I have been silent all these days.

Readers, you are true, you have all the rights to hold me guilty, and promise, whatever punishment you will decide for me, I will abide with it. Even I don’t feel happy, staying away from from you all, but sometimes some urgent tasks enters our life that demands our full attention. And we have to do that. So finally after a huge gap, I am here to say something about Artificial Intelligence.

Readers, as usual, again I will say that it’s not like that nobody might have defined artificial intelligence till yet. You can easily encounter several articles on AI on the web. But the problem is that the information are all scattered and not presented in a way which peels down reader’s quest for information.

So be ready to hang around this page and let’s dig some unexplored areas of artificial intelligence!

What is Artificial Intelligence- from beginners point of view?

Guys, I want to ask one question here- Can intelligence be artificial? Till yet it has been exclusive domain of humans. So how it can be artificial? The moment we say artificial, the first thing which strikes our mind is that the world ‘human’ is not lying anywhere in its vicinity!

If you will like to define the word Artificial Intelligence, then it can go this way” human like intelligence transferred into machines and computer systems”. If you turn the pages of evolution of computers, then you will come to know that the ability to perform human like actions of computers have continuously defied its previous statistics, Now it has reached to such a stage where computers and machine systems can replicate the intelligence of humans in all its totality underneath their logic, codes, program flow, instructions and whatever the programmer wants it to endow! You can call Artificial Intelligence as the science which creates intelligent machines just like humans. In fact it will be better if I write that it is more about crafting intelligent computer programs.

Artificial Intelligence is consummated by analyzing and researching how human brain analyzes a particular problem, and how human study, lucubrate and untangle a complex problem. Then the outcomes of this study is used in writing and developing an intelligent solution/ software which gives human eye and brain to machines. Nowadays, AI is being used meticulously in the field of Computer Science, Mathematics, Linguistics, Psychology, Engineering, Gaming, Vision Systems, Natural Language Processing Speech Recognition, Handwriting Recognition Robots..

Artificial Intelligence gives facets of human intelligence like reasoning, learning and problem solving capabilities to machines. Programs written with help from Artificial Intelligence facilitate quick and smooth modification or changes in the systems depending upon the circumstances. It is better equipped to address generic problems. AI programs has the capacity to assimilate any type of modifications without affecting the basic flow of the program.

What Artificial Intelligence can do?

Some of the Latest Ai Achievements can be snapped as follows!

  • Can detect and prevent malware and APT’s in real time
  • Can train computer systems to recognise images in pictures and videos
  • Can detect 8 different kinds of human  emotions like; anger, happiness, contempt, surprise, sadness, fear, disgust, neutral,  through facial recognition engine.  
  • Can sit on the driving seat instead of driver and drive; google self driving car is an excellent example of Artificial intelligence.
  • Can help drones fly on their own either inside your home or in the open sky
  • Can help you to park your vehicle in the parking area.
  • Has the capacity to undertake the role of Doctors in visual diagnosis
  • Can select a portion of paragraph which better answers your query
  • Can transliterate any speech even better than humans
  • Voice to voice communication between humans and machines have been a long dream for us, but very soon TALKING MACHINES will be part of our lives
  • Can translate any language better than any professional translator
  • Can explore new-fresh uses of drugs which are part of our daily life
  • Possesses strong ability to decode human DNA to find out genomic conditions
  • Can bring revolutionary changes in the agriculture sector by detecting any kind of crop diseases
  • Machines laced with artificial intelligence can spray pesticide with 100% accuracy
  • Can express crop yields in advance with utmost accuracy
  • Very difficult to believe but it’s true that with its help you can also predict any type of social unrest, several days, before it’s actual happening
  • The most important one- can find out any type of fraud in payments before its actual happening
  • Now, you don’t need dealers or brokers to buy or sell any stock, machines enabled with artificial intelligence can trade your stocks
  • Can find out any type of errors in legal documents
  • Can schedule meetings for you through emails

There are many more tasks that artificial intelligence has already taken over from humans and more to come in this list. With the passage of time, I try to further lengthen this list.

Over to You All

Friends, I know that this is a very small one as compared to the previous posts, that I have written. From my next post I will try to be more informative with the topics. Readers- from my personal experiences, I can say that it’s always better to be in link with the changing facets of technology. It doesn’t make any difference, whether you belong from the field of technology or not.

You may be a businessman, a housewife, a teacher, celebrity, model, crew cabin member, doctor, agriculturist, florists, dancer, but then you can’t deny that technology has a definite role to  play with your tasks. With the latest advancements in technology, you can do better in your field. All what you need to do is familiarity with such advancements. That’s the reason why I am here. I will keep on  coming with some more informative posts on some latest conquers of technology. So carry on with your solidarity with iotfunda.

I will base my next post on Top 10 Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Now it’s the time to say bye, bye to you all with a pledge that I will be back next week with my new post. Be happy with whatever you are doing in your life.


Stay blessed!

Thank you!

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