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Ransomware Attacks: Worst Cyberattack that bleeded 170 countries of the world!


Ransomware Attacks: Worst Cyberattack that locked 200, 000 computers across 170 countries of the world! Friday, 12th May, 2017 will be tagged as the most gloomy day in the history of all cyberattacks of the world. Somewhere around 200,000 systems were forced to bleed with their crucial data and important files which they could not open despite towering attempts. Sectors and Institutions that bleeded most were banks, hospitals, and government across the world. I can’t even depict the pain and frustration through which the technical staff of these leading institutions underwent. They were literally standing on their toes patching the computers and restoring the inflicted ones. Investigators are trying their best to nab the crooked minds behind this gruesome cyber attack. Cyber experts are warning that the attack is not going to stop here. It may escalate further. Even if we get some temporary relief, worms are expected to wreak fresh havoc on the systems in some coming days.

Shocking stuff is that after catching the systems in their hold, viruses popped messages to pay $300 in bitcoin to release locked files. But one thing is clear- most of the crumbled systems were outdated devices-difficult to upgrade and institutions thought better not to invest further money into them. In some other instances systems running in banks and hospitals couldn’t be disrupted due to the critical tasks going into them. It was literally not possible to patch such systems which further spread the attack.

On Sunday, attackers gathered $ 32,500 in anonymous Bitcoin. This amount is expected to rise soon. More victims will be prompted to pay ransom of $300 before the deadline. Organisations were advised not to pay the ransom sum, as even after fetching the money there was no guarantee that files will be released.

Probable Reasons for the Gruesome Ransomware Attacks!

  • Experts are discussing that this virus is running high on the back of security weakness that Microsoft’s WIndow’s XP software owns. In March Microsoft came out with a security update for the virus, but unfortunately organisations didn’t complied with it. However soothing effect is that Microsoft has released patches for Windows XP so that the damage can’t spread further.

  • HP Laptops-As per swiss based cyber security firm Modzero AD, if you have a HP Laptop and you are running it, there is a greater possibility that it’s Audio Driver is secretly scripting all your crucial data like passwords, bank details, login info, social media logins in a local file on the system without the knowledge of the user. Crucial data saved in the local system can be easily accessed by any third party app or person it they have access to your laptop.

How you can save your system from the Ransomware Attacks?


Don’t open any email which has attachment with “tasksche.exe” file.
Don’t open any video with the name “Dance of the Hillary”. Virus present in it can format your mobile. Be careful. It is very dangerous. This news was aired on BBC Radio.

Another Good sideways solution :This will remove virus from you system

  1. Remove internet cable
  2. Change date and time … set yesterday…
  3. Search file in computer .tasks he.exe
  4. Cut this file and paste on recycle bin.
  5. Shift delete all files in bin and clear history /temp file and browser too.
  6. Shutdown computer and start with INTERNET
  7. Change desktop password and all email address password.

Note: More attacks are still being feared. At the same time cyber security experts are trying to resolve the things at the earliest. More probable reasons are supposed to breakout. More precautions, do’s and don’t’s are going to be released anytime. I will be coming with the updates on gruesome Ransomware Cyber Attack. Be in touch.

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