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TOP 21 Most Powerful Internet of Things Companies 2016

internet of things companies

Many more to come into the list; this articles attempts to render a deep insight into companies of internet of things. Internet of things companies are turning vision into reality. As per an estimate of Gartner internet of things software companies will create a business of $300 billion by 2020. Top internet of things companies will definitely have a major share in it. Let us see, which are roaring. Here goes the list of Internet of things companies 2016:

Amazon Web Services


Cloud is an integral part of Internet of things. We can’t even imagine IoT without cloud. And that’s where Amazon is blessed to have in safe heavens. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is flying high like never before. It renders cloud and hosting services. Most of the startup IoT companies are going for its esteemed services. AWS has several IoT platforms- Amazon Kinesis, AmazonS3, Lambda, Amazon Machine   learning and Amazon DynamoDB. It also facilitates it’s users to make their own individual IoT apps.

AT & T

Truly there is no other Internet of things companies like AT&T which is putting its efforts and resources so sincerely to stand itself in the network of IoT. Recently it has entered into interesting partnership with lot of other internet things IoT concept companies such as Cisco, GE, Intel, and IBM. It is putting lot of money in energy management, networked cars, fleet management and similar other areas.


Well when it comes to taking the correct turn at the correct time then GREAT GOOGLE should be definitely given full marks. This way or that way GOOGLE has its hands bent deeps into every IoT concepts and innovations. Android has a big say in all these. Google’s Project Brillo – is the new OS for Internet of things devices.  It enables intercommunication between all Brillo Devices, Android phones and Internet.  It is in partnership with many Internet of things companies like Intel, Qualcomm, NXP to place Brillo- OS into IoT devices.

Google’s Cloud Platform is other complementary partner of Brillo which is turning Google’s IoT ambitions into reality!


Cisco is another IoT giant which is fully confident that by 2020 the number of iot devices on the network will touch the magical figure of 50 billion. So very soon internet of things is going to be internet of everything. Iot is all about inter-communication of countless devices paralleling at the same. And this is where the biggest interest of Cisco lies. Cisco has spilled a number of IoT devices in the market- for network connectivity; switching, routing, wireless access, embedded switches and other application-centric networking software; fog computing services, data analytics, automation and security. Fog computing facilitates in data collection, storage and analysis.


It is one such rare internet of things companies which is thoroughly into Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication technology. We all know that M2M is the core element of IoT technology. Axeda provides most advanced cloud based services and solutions for connected devices. Data stored from sensors and connected devices are analyzed in its cloud based services. Such filtered data are extremely helpful in reading the pattern and taking further due action. AXEDA’s IoT cloud based services offers- Axeda Connect – for Iot connectivity, Axeda Build- for IoT application development, Axeda Manage- for managing connected machines applications.


The term internet of things chip companies fits best on INTEL. Those 50 billion devices which will be come online by 2020 will definitely need processor chips. And when it comes on chips, there is no one from the entire directory of internet of things companies that can beat INTEL? It has carved out various IoT products like Quark and AtomQuark SoXX1000 is a low power small core processor. Xeons is for heavy data traffic processing. INTEL’s DK300 Series Gateway felicitates users to read, analyze, share and filter encrypted data in a much secured way. It is core necessity in today’s age of data security threats.


Even IBM is not very far in the ongoing race for top internet of things companies and to acquire its BIG SHARE into the huge market of cloud based development and production environment for Iot Applications. IBM offers a number of products in the IoT platform, such as MessageSight for M2M messaging data, MobileFirst– which gives mobile capabilities to connected devices, BlueMix which enables data collection and analysis.


It there is one company in the entire list of internet of things companies which can be honored to propagate the term “Industrial Internet of things”, then it’s certainly GE!  It’s GE, which coined the concept of bringing internet of things to the field of manufacturing. Luxury of internet to the devices used in manufacturing is the gift of GE! Its Asset Performance Management Platform is a wonderful product to tackle untimed failure of machines. Predix is GE’s another service giving wings to its IoT fantasies!


Just like other internet of things companies, Dell too is eying the IoT projection of 50 billion devices by 2020! Dell is providing end to end IoT Solutions and has prepared vast infrastructure for internet of things. Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series has been designed to collect, analyze, secure and send gathered data from different sensors and devices. Dell is also providing services for back – end data storage and analytic platform to manage vast amount of IoT data. Dell has 3 IoT Labs-1st at Santa Clara California, 2nd at Limerick Ireland and 3rd at Singapore to ramp up its IoT activities in Asia Pacific Region.


Internet of things is definitely high on the agenda of Microsoft.  Whenever it comes to providing different platforms for integrating different types of technologies, Microsoft has always been the correct entity.  With Windows 10 already out there, it fulfilled its pledge for universal windows applications. It is making heavy investments in Azure. No doubt Azure will come out to be the best IoT Solutions platform. The advantage with Windows 10 is that it can run on an array of different forms, factors, changing devices. It can run even on credit card sized PCs, Minnow Board Max as well as heavy machines deployed in industrial establishments. Windows 10 is Microsoft’s correct card for playing IoT games successfully.


HP is also not very far in list of internet of things companies setting up the infrastructure for internet of things growth. HPE Universal IoT platform is a superb one which offers end to end data monetization chain and manages data of diverse sets of millions of IoT sensors at the same time. HP has recently acquired Aruba Networks at a price of $300 Billion, to tap the huge growing potential of internet of things with sole target to manufacture connected routers & switches.


BOSCH too has started several IoT platforms having a close eye on the future growth of internet of things market. Just similar to AWS, BOSH has also launched cloud service to keep its IoT plans moving. Going by the statement of its CEO- Volkmar Denner at Connected world conference, BOSH is full service provider for connectivity and internet of things.


With internet of things on the cards, SAP has made S/4 HANAadvanced in memory enterprise management business suite-acting like a digital core of your entire enterprise. S/4 HANA features internet of things, Big Data, mobile, business networks, third party systems and real time data analysis. It’s a cloud platform which sends real time data collected from the sensors and connected devices.


The entire concept of IoT revolves around collecting, storing and analyzing data gathered from connected devices. No doubt all such data needs place to be stored somewhere. Oracle has a list of IoT services plus an Iot platform for clubbing java in sensors and other connected devices. It has also middle way platforms for creating applications and database for storing data captured from the devices.


We all know that Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of smart electronic gadgets in the world. It manufactures phones, appliances, televisions, washing machines, robots and many other consumer goods for day to day use. The company is on its way to develop series of ARP chips and APIs for the devices manufactured by it. It will help Samsung devices to get connected to any IoT platform what its users demand!


Eying on the fast growing market of IoT, Siemens has entered into a partnership with another IoT giant SAP to provide data analysis. It is also creating “Web of Systems”- wide customer software that can be used to execute solutions involving great deal of engineering and installation task.An excellent example of it is electric hybrid bus charging station. It has been successfully installed in large number of Cities in Europe.


It’s an American semiconductor & telecommunication equipments company which manufacture wireless telecommunications products & services. Wireless communication devices- QUALCOMM-internet of things. What a beautiful integration of opportunities? Qualcomm IoT development platform renders hardware & software prerequisites to design and develop IoT/ M2M devices with embedded cellular connectivity. Its Snapdragon turns your phone into a small world full of miracles. It provides breath taking speed, ultra fast connectivity and unimaginable graphics to your Smartphone which greatly enhances the IoT power of the users.


It is one of the fastest growing names in the world of the internet of things emerging companies. PTC is an established name in the business of design modeling software and product lifecycle management solutions. It has recently acquired ThingWorx – IoT development platform, Axeda– cloud service for processing and managing M2M data.


By launching LiteOS– a micro operating system for tiny devices, Huawei has sent shivers down the veins to its competitors. It is Chinese based telecom and network vendor. Now it is also a member of cloud foundry open source community to help build IoT application development platform. There is huge opportunity of internet of things companies in Asia and Huawei is safely placed to tap those opportunities.


It’s a sister concern of Japanese industrial Giant HITACHI. HDS has an understanding with INTEL for providing connectivity to its industrial and other machines.  Its goal is to unlock the power of big data, Iot and analytics technologies which will leave a permanent mark on the IoT world for ever. It possesses deep IoT insight and industry expertise.


Its core business is to design and make silicon software and solutions for the new connected world. It is making IoT devices for connected homes, smart wearable devices, industrial environment, smart metering, intelligent sensors and many other useful things for IoT applications. It has been in the market from 1996. Now it is reckoned as an important and serious entity among emerging internet of things companies.

These were some of the most influential internet of things companies. I have tried to include all the top performers in it. But if anyhow you find some discrepancy in the facts stated, I request you to please rectify it. Scroll down for the comments section and update with the information whatever you have regarding companies related to internet of things.

In my next post, I am going to come out with comprehensive information on Brillo– it’s the new OS from Google meant for connected devices in Internet of things.

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